Need just object centric rotation when using array modifier

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Need just object centric rotation when using array modifier

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This is a pretty basic question. I'm just learning blender (2.6) and I'm making an array of objects using an array modifier. All fine.

But now I want to use the array modifier so that it uses the parent object's rotation in a local rather than a global way. Specifically I have an octagonal column at 0,0 created from an 8 division cylinder as my parent. I have rotated this about the z-axis 22.5 degrees so that it has sides parallel to the x and y axes. Now I want to make an array of these which has its rows/columns parallel to the x,y axes also. That's exactly what would happen if I hadn't rotated the parent cylinder first by 22.5 degrees, but since I have the first array modifier creates all the new objects correctly offset but then also rotated around 0,0 meaning the line of new objects is marching off at 22.5 degrees from the x-axis for example instead of along the x-axis.

What I want is for the parent and cloned object's rotation by 22.5 degrees to be local rotations about their separate centers not about global 0,0. I do not know how to do this or if it can be done (I sure hope so). I'm hoping my only problem here is blender ignorance.

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