Workflow - Multiple Objects

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Workflow - Multiple Objects

Post by AuroraMan »

Hi, I'm relatively new to blender and am also creating game models for Unity :)

My intent was to have one "scene" and store multiple models in it, and then export them one by one. But, I'm confused about the workflow.

Step 1: I created a small knife. My workflow is to create the handle, add the wooden material/texture. Then I create the blade, add its metal material/texture.
I then join the two parts, bake to texture, and export the knife as a FBX and export the new baked texture. So far so good.

Step 2: I wanted to create another object...a chopped log. I moved the knife to another layer. I created the log, added the bark texture material. I also assign a chopped end texture to both ends of the log.

First, when I bake, I notice the texture doesn't seem to bake right. It just bakes the end texture(s), and puts the bark texture 'behind' the baked ends in the final image (sorry, hope that makes sense). It's like the textures are layered or something in the baked image, I mostly see the baked end with a little bit of the main bark texture behind it. It looks weird when I export it to mostly looks like the ends are baked on the entire log. But in Blender it mostly looks fine.

Second, it exports the knife also. I don't know how to not export the knife.

So, my questions:

1. Is my workflow correct? Create model parts, assign materials and textures to each one, then bake that model texture to a new image?
2. Should I just create separate blender projects for each model? It seems good to me to create a scene with many small, low poly objects (easier to manage). But maybe it's best to just have seperate blend files for each model.

3. How can I just globally have objects lit, without worrying about placing lights? I can't seem to just get solid, uniform lighting. I'm not trying to do AO baking, even seems like I wouldn't place lights for this, I would still use some sort light with shadowing in corners. Any tips on this?

Thanks for any tips or suggestions, much appreciated.

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