Export/Import Not Keeping Rotation And Scaling in 2.64a

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Export/Import Not Keeping Rotation And Scaling in 2.64a

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I'm using 2.64a of Blender and I am attempting to export. I have tried Collada, 3DS and .x. All three don't seem to persist the rotation and scaling of the objects when exported. This did not happen in 2.63a.

Here are the things I have tried both with all three formats.
  • I downloaded Milkshape and scaled the objects in that program. I imported the objects into blender and also my own personal utitility. Scale did not retain on import, however the rotation applied in MS3D did persist on import into Blender.

    I rebooted the machine, uninstalled-reinstalled Blender 2.64a and exported my scaled rotated objects. The scale and rotation did not persist when I imported into MS3D or my app.
Did I miss something?

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