Object Mesh Color W/ Cycles

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Object Mesh Color W/ Cycles

Post by OldGuy » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:07 am

Just Downloaded a new blend file that was created using Cycles. Noticed that the objects have different mesh colors different from the default gray. I kind of like this, but cannot figure out how it was done.

All of the objects have materials added but NO Textures. The applied materials are a different color that what is displayed in the 3D Viewport. The rendered image renders with the color set in the Nodes but is different from the object color in the 3D viewport. The Object properties shows the color as "white" which again is not the same as the displayed color. Adding a new object to the model scene add it as the default grey color. Any new object added to the "colored" object in the edit mod will add it with the surfaces colored to different color. Any ideas as how to set up new objects with a different mesh colors?

P.S. The different mesh color is only applied when Cycles Rendering is used, going back to the Blender Render setting all meshes go back to a bright white color.

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