YafRay Integration anyone?

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YafRay Integration anyone?

Post by Grendal »

I'm sure everybody wouldn't mind having the ability to directly communicate with a true ray tracer from blender, right? Of course. I've been trying to use all those export scripts to convert .blend files to xml, but its just too much. I mean, really, there has to be a better, and more efficient way to do this.

Now i'm not putting down the ray tracing that Ton has integrated into blender recently but I feel that YafRay may always be one step ahead of blender when it comes to ray tracing. So i'm asking any of you programmers to really look into this and maybe, just maybe it will happen....

Farewell fellow blenderer's, i've got to go to class! :D

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Post by Carnivore »

There are way too many posts like this.

The current raytracing options are only a christmas gift from ton, YafRAY integration is still (AFAIK, I'm no developer) planned for 2.32 or so.

my $0.03

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Post by UglyMike »

Patience, grasshopper......

Look on Elysiun (or here) for posts by Eeshlo, one of the Blender Masters.

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Post by Mel_Q »

According to the CVS, they've just started committing it.
As soon as someone gets a working build, it will likely wind up
here: http://www.blender.org/modules.php?op=m ... forum&f=18

There's not one there yet, but as UglyMike said...paitence.
It's almost here :D

Keep in mind these aren't official releases, and it would be a very
good idea not to repeat information there.

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