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Blender for children?

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:21 pm
by hanpari

I have two reasons why I am writing this post. First, as proud father of three year daughter I would like her to get loved Blender as I do :)
Second, as witness of several discusses where blender interface was supposed to be too different from any other 3d software. (unfortunatelly, Teenagers mostly tend to use illegal softwares instead of free ones).

This is why I would like to suggest to simplify current Blender and make something children-like, easy-to-understand and colorful simple application - based on full Blender, but targeted on children and youths. Lets say starting about 10 years.

The target is to keep children usefully occupied :) and learn them to use naturally Blender interface, shurtcuts and workflow.

I believe, such ChildBlender edition will help to educate another generation of Blenderheads. Such transition would be easier to endure than to expect illegal user of 3d Studio or Maya to start with Blender when he/she had already learn different work style.

Thank you for your opinion. I hope you wont find my suggestion offensive :)


Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:49 pm
by farbw3rk

very nice intention, but...
...the blender interface may be "uncomfortable" at the beginning, but the workflow is great when you get used to it. i think there is no need to simplify things, even for children. you got a learning curve to master, sure, but thats the way things work, you got to -lean- things and it may be hard.
but, spoken as a father myself, with blender you got a great tool at hand to develop nice things with(in) blender (BGE) to get your child used to the tools and the environment.
a big plus: developing stuff yourself will push your skills, also. :)

i hate most of the nowadays common plastic-toys which speaks or something like that. but...just put a bunch of (colored) boxed in the BGE with the goal of, for example, stacking them. done - "stupid" thing, for sure, at least for an adult - but the child will get used to (emulated) physics and handling the mouse. hand-eye movement will be trained, etc.pp.

just a thought. :)

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:10 pm
by hanpari
I believe you misunderstood my intentions. I was not blaming blender interface, in fact, I suggested to create ChildBlender to make youths consider Blender interface as natural instead of 3d interfaces learnt from pirated copies of 3D Studio.

I am sorry if I had expressed my idea in misleading way.

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:19 pm
by farbw3rk

no, all ok, no problem here. you were clear in your description - i just went a bit offtopic, i think.

and was me who blamed blender for it's interface when i began with it and before i got used to it. :)

but i may disagree in some way - in my opinion it's not the interface which leads younger ones to max or maya, thats what my reply was about. it's their reputation, i think.
ever/often heard of a blockbusters making-of of blender? or a big-selling videogame?
all big titles advertise with content-creation in (often autodesks since they got maya in their portfolio) expensive tools.
this totally makes sense in big-business in case of support/workflow for companies which got the needed money to pay for it, so they are (for sure) not to blame. and the tools are good as long as i can tell (had some maya and a little bit more max experience).

so, if you are *new* to this genre (3d, 2d, whatever - you can take blender<->max/maya or gimp<->photoshop/painter to compare, its all the same in the end), at the age of 10-18, without the money to buy the software -you heard of a lot-...what would you do? :)
i would bet: a lot of the younger ones who uses an illegal copy of max/maya (or photoshop/painter) never took a look at the open-source base.
anyway - when you grow up and earn your own money this all changes. i own a legal copy of photoshop (uh, 2 to be honest) because i'm used to it by the lots of elements-bundles which are in every second product you buy (some kind of soft-drug ^^) - but also using gimp.
back in amiga-days i bought a legal copy of monzoom3d (if anyone rember this one ^^). nowadays i use blender, cause i love it's interface (YES!) and it fits all my needs....other software, as max or maya, are just to expensive and, at last in my skill-level and/or usage, they do not offer things i would get profit out of.
...and i use blender...because i know of it - thats the point here.


btw.: in some way this is a plus for the pirated companies - this target group would -never- buy an authorized copy of their software and its uncommon (ok, there are always exception, but they are rare here i think) for a 10-18 year old person to make money out of their work done with illegal (creative) software. but the ones out of this group which will make their way in the creative-industry are used to their tools, spreading the word, building up an even more populated userbase for their software.
piracy harms companies, for sure. and i understand, f.e. and especially game-companies, but also many others, if they suffer from pirated products (hardware or software, whatever)...but in a pro-based market where the licenses costs some thousands of dollars and more, there is no loss for the companies when a bunch of teens use their software as a hobby. even when a younger one fills his portfolio with such a creation - when picked up to job his employer will buy him a license (or already paid for when using volume-lic ^^).

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:37 pm
by farbw3rk
[quote="hanpari"](...)I suggested to create ChildBlender to make youths consider Blender interface as natural instead of 3d interfaces learnt from pirated copies of 3D Studio(...)[/quote]
sorry, i didn't answered directly to your post (a second time, sigh, sorry).

problem would be the desktop, i think. for children you would have to use easy-accessible/big icons for all the basics short-at-(mouse)hand.
i think it would be difficult to implement such an interface which is easy for mouse-using and with the later (shortcut-based) workflow in mind.
but for sure i would get the childblender for my son, it would be great.