Import OSC data from KinectA into Blender?

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Import OSC data from KinectA into Blender?

Post by Sascha » Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:52 am

Hi there, I know I'm not the early bird but:

I've a new kinect and want to play with it :-) There are many videos out there which already show the capabilties of the combination Blender + Kinect.
  • - I tried to use ni mate ( but there is a problem with the new kinect model (1473) and the sensor serial id.

    - I tried Synapse in combination with Quartz Composer and the plugins qcosc and SynapseKinect.

    - I've also installed some other funky stuff without really know what I was doing
So here is the idea:
  • > Get the osc data from kinectA (works fine! on mac) ( via host: and Port: 3333

    > "stream" it into Blender and catch the tracking data (more precisely: the actual location of the skeleton joints)

    > attach it to my rig

    > and everything is fine : )
okay...i know that will not be that easy (next step has to be attaching to rig etc.)...but:

My first two questions are:
  • - is there any addon for Blender that is able to receive the osc data (in realtime)

    - what kind of data i have to expect in the osc(well named joints with coordinates or a mess of code)
My next questions depend on the answers of these two questions : )

Thank you for your time


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