Error/ Trouble while Using Metamorph to export diff maps

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Error/ Trouble while Using Metamorph to export diff maps

Post by Krishna »

Hello, I have a problem while exporting the diffmaps and animation using Metamorph in blender. It says Invalid filepath. Do you know what's the problem ?

I download the add-on from here and Im trying to export the charon's diffmaps and animation that given on that demo.

This is the step that I did.
- Download the "", then drop it in the scripts/addons/
- File->user preferences and check the export metamorph diff map animation
- select the object that I want to export, in this case that charon by right click the object.
- File-> export -> export diffmaps and animations.
- Insert the filepath which is "C:\MetaMorph Animation Kit\Charon\" and file name "CharonX"
- but then the error message shows up and says "Error invalid filepath C:\MetaMorph Animation Kit\Charon\CharonX"

I use blender V 2.58
and have tried V 2.65, 2.56 beta, 2.59, 2.56a beta, all of them shows the same error.

If you can help, please tell me why.

Thank you.

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