Modifier number for Game Logic

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Modifier number for Game Logic

Post by spikan » Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:35 pm

Hey Blender users

I don't know what to call this idea exactly, so I'll just describe it

I was just doing some simple movement logic and found it annoying that I had to have two opposite bricks for moving in both directions. Any time I want to adjust the speed, I have to make them both exactly opposing. I am a very new user, so I'm wondering if there is already a simple solution for this? And if not, I suggest that there be a modifier number that gets sent through either in the Sensors or Modifiers stage. Then for example I could make one key 1, and another -1

Another similar idea is to give appropriate sensors a magnitude. In particular mouse motion. Just sensing mouse motion is useless by itself, and also there is almost never a case where you would not want to separate the X and Y axes for use. If there were a sensor for both mouse axes, and a magnitude dependent on how much the mouse has moved, you could easily do mouselook without any scripting

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