Asset management vs. property editing

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Asset management vs. property editing

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Please help me find the correct forum to discuss this.

I've been using Blender for over 5 years, and have tremendous respect for it.

As a Blender hobbyist (career as an architect), I will often take months away and then come back with a new inspiration. This provides me the pleasure of discovering Blender anew :) It also gives, I think, a perspective on non-intuitive aspects of the interface. The things that I have exactly the same confusion attempting to locate and assign a consistent schema to each time I return are possibly themselves confusing.

I know that Asset Management will be a focus of the next major Blender release. I'm hoping that involves a more consistent schema for viewing both object hierarchies AND associated properties.

I suspect it will include things like visualizing which datablocks are linked, and where they are linked. But I hope it will also include consistency in the representation of those objects throughout the UI. For example, in the materials editor, understanding the non-hierarchical presentation represents both a material slot and a linked material is difficult every time I'm away from the application for a couple months. The fact that some properties display regardless of whether an associated object is selected, but others do not, makes understanding the functional relationships difficult. Etc.

It seems to me that providing more visibility to the one-to-one relationship between property sheets and items in an object graph could make understanding Blender functionality immensely more intuitive.

Is this a reasonable topic for discussion, and if so, where would I get involved?


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