Feature Request - Gradient Paint on surface of Mesh

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Feature Request - Gradient Paint on surface of Mesh

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since I can't program I only have ideas I hope they are some good.

I was the other day making vertex groups for weighting a armature when I thought there should be another way to play gradients other than the cool one that is in place now

What I thought:
of a way to place the gradient line/curve on the surface of the mesh (with a kind of auto shrink wrap on it) and have it with a given weight, and then make it interpolate to reach other lines/curves of the same genere with a gradient fall out between each.

in a basic overall I think it would resemble Sculpt mode quite a bit in aspect and interface.

After thinking my suggestion is:
on the 3d view window making a new mode perhaps called "Surface curves" or "Gradient Paint". I sugest it in a new mode because I think it would have ability to output information to various other modes. like vertex groups or vertex paint or texture output.

Basically the gradient would always be from 0(0%-black) to 1(100%-white) the only thing that would make it do more things would be a think called channels where you could preview the output in other default values considering it as a given chanel. my suggestion here would be on the Properties Panel placing a tab with channels, I would suggest 3 channel groups(could be one but I would find it confusing as a user). the 3 channel groups would be (1- vertex groups or weight painting; 2- Color channels; 3- Selection channels). each channel group would have default settings on its "preview". on the vertex group you would see the rainbow color of weight painting. on the color channels you would have 4 channels alone that would be for the RGBA channels, like in painting programs but it would be more vectorial though. on the selections channels it would be for masking and selecting. basically all would reflect a grey scale gradient on how it would look like on another mode.

you would be able to click on a given channels and select if you desired to apply on a new vertex group, export it as texture information(would be cool to see a preview lin on the UVeditor widow of the selected channel, or a selection that could be used for the mask modifier for example.

the toolshelf would have some tools/brushes to place the line curves. something like "draw" to draw on the surface of the mesh. "edit" to redraw lines or push or pull them along the surface of the mesh. the tool shelf would have a weight/percentage option. selecting a line/curve you could edit this value again. the line would have control points that would be set on it to by the draw size of the brush and how by the curve fallout influence. edited curves would be color highlighted and such.

Small Picture I draw of how I imagine it in loose terms:

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