Multires reshape in 2.68 doesn't respect preceding modifiers

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Multires reshape in 2.68 doesn't respect preceding modifiers

Post by patter » Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:34 am

In former versions of blender (up to 2.67) I used a little trick, which helped me to avoid some unwanted effects when using armatures:
  • - Create a mesh (e.g. a cube)
    - Add a multires modifier for it (make some subdivisions)
    - Create a duplicate (real duplicate, not a linked duplicate) of that mesh
    - For that duplicate, create an additional smooth-modifier
    - bring that smooth modifier above the multires-modifier
    - make smoothing "strong" (e.g. factor: 0.5, repeat 8x), such that the mesh shrinks noticeably
    - select the original mesh, then the duplicate, with shift pressed (original is selected, duplicate is active)
    - on the multires modifier of the duplicate, press "reshape"
Up to version 2.67 reshape respected the smooth modifier, i.e. after reshape the duplicate looked like the original mesh. Since 2.68 this isn't the case anymore, i.e. the duplicate stays shrinked. Maybe someone who has a deeper understanding can tell me:
  • - Is this kind of a bug (or was the former behavior a bug) or is it just something which is not really specified?
    - Is there something I can do to achive the former result? (Which was very useful for me)
Thanks, patter

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