scaling of imported SVG

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scaling of imported SVG

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I have tried using both Inkscape and iDraw (on the Mac) to create an SVG file for import into Blender. In both cases the scaling is off. The ultimate output is a model for a 3d printer. The original designs are drawn accurately to scale in iDraw or Inkscape.

If I export an object (or canvas) as an SVG, then import it into Blender, I need to scale it by x1250 to bring it back to the correct size. This is possible but the imported objects are microscopic before scaling.

I have changed the standard Blender startup file to a 200 x 200 grid as that is the approximate size (in mm) of my printer bed. This increases the problem of finding the imported objects.

iDraw has an option to scale the SVG file but has a limit of x100. it means the output object is no longer microscopic but it still needs further scaling.

Is there a setting that will solve this issue? I am currently not using any scaling or units setting in Blender as the standard Blender unit equates to 1 mm.


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