Noob help- just need to know how to pose a makehuman model

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Noob help- just need to know how to pose a makehuman model

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hey everybody, im a ilttlle hopeless here, apparently

im a comic book artist and ive been looking around forever for a program that i can create very simple models in and do very simple poses ( ala the artists wooden figure models).

it seems that makehuman along with blender is my only hope, but im having a hell of a time figuring out how to make these work and i dont even begin to understand the commands in blender , all the tutorial help out there references things i have no idea about and ive had it up to here with this.

first of all, im using linux Mint 15, Mint endorses MakeHuman Alpha 6, so im going with that in order to avoid issues with compatibility, also im running Blender 2.66a

issue 1- blneder does not seem to support any of the exportable formats in MakeHuman, except for the wveform- can i pose a figure in Blender liek this or do i somehow need to get blender to work with mhx? (if so, how do i do that??)

issue 2- all i want to do with this is make basic poses and view them from any angle. thats it. no more. every single tutorial out there either assumes you already know how to use all the commands in the program , or they are using different version that have different gui or commands altogether. id realy REALLY rather not learn an entire 3d animation program to do the simplest thing said program does.

ideally, MakeHuman would allow me to move an arm up or down, bend a spine a little, turn a head, etc and thats all i need. ALL i need. it kinda boggles my mind that there isnt a program or function of makehuman that allows for that.
with all the artists like myself switching to digital these days, there is an enormous market for such a thing.

someone out there please, for the love of basketball, help me here . thanks in advance

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