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About ZBLUR plugin:Guassian

Post by Riskbreaker »

I was just wondering about the zblur plugin a minute ago.

Zblur uses gaussian blur to process the effect right?
I was just thinking if it was somehow possible to replace that filter with, say, the lens blur filter method (i was playing with Photoshop CS the other day). Not exactly a request, i dont want to add to peoples' workload. Just a discussion on whats possible.

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Post by Analogy »

I agree with you there, as a real life TV camera operator I can tell you that real life focal blur doesn't follow a gaussian distribution. What actually happens is, bright spots tend to flare out in an even circle. The only reason you end up with blurry "edges" is because the bright areas are large enough that all of the circles from all of the "pixels" mesh together and form a sort of superblob.

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