Modeling a tree?

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Modeling a tree?

Post by bog »


I am just making a landslape, and want to ad some trees to it. I found a tutorial to get some ideas. I saw one, that used a noise function to easely get a nise noisy trunk fore my tree.

I got the noise funcion to work, but sadly, I didn't get i to work the direction i wanted. It only applyed noise to the uppwards direction of my tree trunk. But I wanted it to noise upp my tree trunk in the other direction.

So heres my question?

What cinde of tools would you have used to make a tree trunk. Ore how can I adjust the direction the noise shall work?

Thank You

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Post by solmax »

you could try displacement mapping for a really noisy trunk.however in most cases (no real closeups) bump maping will do it, too.

for the tree geometry there's a L_system script somewhere in the elysiun forums.

hope that helps


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