Background Image Suggestions

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Background Image Suggestions

Post by ada89 »

Just simple option like:

Rotate, aspect ratio setting (so you can stretch the bg image etc.) and settable image for deferents side view (I know the split screen method). :D

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Post by solmax »

how about a bitmap mapped to a plane?

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Post by neil »

An image mapped to a plane is only available in the textured view whereas a background image should be available in all views (wireframe etc.). I agree these would be nice improvements (and probably not all that difficult although I may be wrong).


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Post by blendix »

You can set the object you are creating to be drawn as a Wireframe, in the 'Object Buttons', 'Draw Panel', using the 'Drawtype' dropdown. This way, it will still be a wireframe in Textured View.

If you map the image to a plane, you can naturally do things like rotating, stretching, etc, without having more code and more buttons.

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