Feature Request: World Coordinants in Numeric Entry Panel

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Feature Request: World Coordinants in Numeric Entry Panel

Post by phobos »

The numeric entry currently displays vertex coordinants relative to the object (local coordinant space). An option to switch between local and world coordinants should be added.

Local coordinants are extremely useful for animation and general editing, but world coordinants allow one to absolutely position an object easily without resetting the object "center".

Benefits include:

* Easier to position and edit architectural layouts.
* Absolutely position objects without (g)rabbing them.
* Easy to switch between 2 modes.
* Clears up confusion when user rotates object and doesn't find vertices moving as [he] expects.
* Brings Blender more into harmony with widely accepted computer graphics concepts (Autocad, user selectable C.S.)

For a mockup, see here:


Allows user to switch between a world and user definable or local coordinant system.

This has been posted to the Feature Requests section of the tracker, comments are appreciated.

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Post by Arathorn »

I like that idea, very good.

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