Feature Request: a parts-library

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Feature Request: a parts-library

Post by Loy »

a time ago i was thinking of howto import objects made in an other *.blend file to an other document.

i was thinking of something like this: from each file you can put object/groups of objects to the library, and so you can use 'em in an other file.


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Post by jesterKing »

You already can:

File >> append

or hotkey:


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Post by Arathorn »

It would be nice to have a list of parts so you can select and modify them easier, like the model tree in Pro Engineer.

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Post by ideasman »

It would be nice to be able to have a library of objects and be able to navigate and import them into your blender scene.

I know its possible to append.. and this is good how it also imports assosiated data (uv images and materials)

But what would realy rule would be the ability to import data from other blend files and keep the data linked.

An object name could look like this


Where mymodels.blend is a blend file cantaining many models, I think this would be greate for multiuser projects where different ppl work on different parts of a scene but it still comes together in one blend file that could be a few kilobites, referencing other blend files for all the recources.

There could be an 'update' button to reload all the data from the origional files (in the case of a change)

Any comments?
- Cam

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Post by theeth »

You can already do that by turning on the Link option when Appending.

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Post by joeri »

In Load Library menu set the "Append" button to "Link".
Now data will be linked from a selected file.
Use LMB to browse thruw blender files.
You can link objects / lamps / camera's, anything from a blender file.

Blender will link all data downstream. So if you link (or append) an object the mesh will follow as will the material on the mesh.

Linked objects will show blue/green and you will not be able to move them.
If you link the mesh you can make a new object with linked mesh data, the object can't go into edit mode, but the objects can be moved/scaled/rotated.

Data if found on a name base, rename the object in the lib file and your ref file can't find the object/mesh/etc anymore.
(As well as the other way around; rename a high-poly lib object with the low-poly name and the high-poly will be included instead)

The 'update' button is ctrl-O (save your changes first)

(Now might be a good time to order a manual ;)

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Post by ideasman »

theeth wrote:You can already do that by turning on the Link option when Appending.

Theeth, you rock!

I keep thinking I know how to use blender when you show me things like this...

Well, blender does handle files better then I thaught.

Relative paths AND external files.

Still, id like it if there was a button (relative location) in the file select menu.
(sorry for being spoilet)

Thanks again theeth.

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