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Personaly I realy like the idea of instantly opening the save dialog. It works quicker. If you dont want to save you just press the Q-key two times. And if you do want to save over the existing file just press Q-key + ENTER. Sounds great to me! :)
halibut wrote: A new user or one who is used to using MS Office for example, may click the X when they want to save, I do this in MS applications all the time, when I want to quit and save, I don't click File > Save and then click on the X, I just click the X, and then click on Save.
I agree. I use this in many programs. I am not exectly a new user, but because I do it a lot in other programs I automaticly do it in blender to, with loss of work as the result... :cry: So I'dd go for the X-button save-window to.

Carrot.nl :wink:

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