New Animated Splash Logo for Blender 2.34

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New Animated Splash Logo for Blender 2.34

Post by poutsa »

Hy...i have a question.....
Is it possible to make a Animated Splash Logo Intro with Playing Musik or Sound Sample when you open Blender Programm?

With Blenders Logo Animated, Companys Name, Build Infos,Names of Foundation members and so..Ton and others.!

I see something like this in a 3D Programm named aeliom 1.1.2 version.
If you like to see this Splash Intro of this Programm you can Download a Free Version for Windows only from this Link:

If you Install the Programm and already open .....go to the uper right Corner and Click on this Symbol and Choose the Option about aeliom to see the Splash and Infos and Music is something like this possible to make for a new Blender Version?

Please answer me!!! :wink:


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Post by gabio »

the way the splash is done now, it would be weighty to anim. all the jpg is hard coded in blender. so and animation woulnd only weight the exe more.
Though the exe could be separated in small file now, blender is now almost 5 mo...

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Post by ideasman »

one word-

(mabe a slideshow could work, that or animated text)

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Post by Mats78 »

Why would anyone want animation or sound when starting Blender up? What's the point, slowing things down?


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Post by falkonen »

I agree poutsa !
Blender should stay as slim as possible. No useless stuff !

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Post by Arathorn »

Generally sounds at program starts annoy the crap out of me.
I'm not too worried about Blender's size, but if useless features start slowing it down I say no.

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Post by @ner »

two words: what for?

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Post by coltseaver »

two words: what for?
exactly, especially when Blender is loaded in 2 seconds.

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