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Post by ideasman »

The problem I can see with the thermomiter view (no button) is that it could be confusing for a newer user if all the sliders were 0% or 100%, even if 0 was displayed with a 1 px len line it could still be confusing.

More experienced users would 'get it' and just keep on blending tho.

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Post by thorwil »

Dani got it right.
The trapezoidal shape is an extension to the slider. Moving the pointer outwards allows the value to be changed with longer way, therefor with more precision.

True, but I think displaying the handle allthough there's no special target area
is more problematic.

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Post by falkonen »

broken wrote:

" don't actually need to drag the handle itself to change hte value, you can drag anywhere along the slider (not the number)..."
Why not drag the number ???

Maybe it sounds a little radical, but in my opinion throw the sliders away.
Just leave the ability to type in the numbers or drag the numbers.
That would also give more free space on the screen...

But as I said, that's only my personal opinion.
I am not a big sliding fan. 8)

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Post by pinhead_66 »

There are a number of places where I find the sliders take a lot of space for the time I spend there (very subjective, I know) for instance the World buttons

This probably has been reviewed anyway, but in some cases just having a number field that you can change is enough, visual reference is not neccessary and I consider it more eye-candy then any real help. Besides, number buttons with arrows, without the sliders can save quite some precious space for other buttons

One of the areas that could use some extra's is the editing button screen for the camera. A number of standard lens angles should be presented. maybe options for placing textures/animatable textures as gels over the camera should be placed here rather then in the world or material parts

Being able to make the header aline vertical or horizontal would be useful too

anyway, 3 cents today

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Post by matt_e »

The reason that one would use a slider in a particular circumstance is that the most important information is the percentage or ratio, rather than the numerical value itself. In a sense, the information represented by sliders is more 'concrete' and visual, while a number itself is symbolic. This is why the sliders need to be visualised effectively.

For example, look at the sliders in the Action Editor for controlling RVKs. It doesn't matter what the number itself is (especially when you can set the lower and upper limits), the particular value could be anything, 0.2, 1.35, 5.342, it doesn't matter. What is important is how far between the two extremes the key is, between no blending and full blending of the RVK. This is the information that needs to be visualised at a glance when you're trying to understand the values that are set. Remember, UI controls are not just for pressing - they are also an important way of visually communicating the state of the system to the user.

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