Proportional editing along z view

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Proportional editing along z view

Post by teristam »

:D Having tried Zbrush (and get frustrated by it), I come up with an idea:
Is it possible that when using proportional edit, a click of
the mouse will displace the vertexes into or out of the screen,
that means displacing the vertexes along the Z view?
Both the extent in which the vertexes are displaced
and the region under influence can be adjusted.
Selecting and displacing the vertexes should be done at the
same time, since it will save considerable time of selecting again
and again the vertexes you want to displace.
If this can be combineed with the ability of displacement along normal,
it will be even better! :D

This will make modelling a lot easier, especially when adding details.
Since proportional editing has already been implemented into Blender,
I think using it to displace vertexes along the Z view isn't a difficult task?


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Post by chimera »

I think (as non coder) this has nothing to do with pet. more likely its something like realtime displacementmapping? ;) and displacementmapping already exists, so it would not be very hard to implement. which does not mean it wouldn't take time!

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Post by teristam »

But displacement mapping doesn't really change the geometry of
the model, right ?
It just displaces the vertexes at render time.
But proportional editing can actually change the geometry of the model.

Further, using proportional editing to achieve this is a lot easier.
Now in proportional editing, we can select and grab the vertexes already.
To implement the new feature, just make selecting and grabbing
occur at the same time. And the extent in which the vertexes are
moved in the z view is determined by a parameter.

Yet, of course, I am also just talking as an non-coder. :D
Not sure whether it is really that simple.

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Post by fligh »

Unless I misunderstand you this is already possible. If you set PET on then hit G and Z it will constrain the grab to the Z coordinate. It won't happen though if you are looking straight along the Z axis. Pan your 3D view or go into a different view (side, front, top)


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Post by @ndy »

i have posted a proposal for something like that some time ago. [if i understand you correctly] ... pic&t=1980

never got a coder interested into that tho... would be cool anyway 8)


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Post by Dani »

micropolygons for GOOD rendering of displacement too... na?


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Post by z3r0_d »

Dani wrote:micropolygons for GOOD rendering of displacement too... na?

... what about support of 16 bit greyscale displacement maps?

even if blender can load them, it doesn't use all of the precision.

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