creased edges, numeric input/display

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creased edges, numeric input/display

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hey guys, i am loving the new creased egde thing.

however a percentage numeric input would be very cool, so that someone could get say 50% on all edges. (i don't know if it has been done, i havn't played around with it heaps yet, so if it has then sorry for wasting time)

and the from black -yellow showing the crease is nice, however having the option of showing a number next to each fronward facing edge would be awsome. either that or somthing more than yellow like a rainbow gradient or somthing.

you see the yellow i cannot see, its almost full black then full yellow (well not quite), but i can't read the amount of creasing easily from it.

but yeah, anyway, i must say totally awsome feature.
very very pleased with this relaese.


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