Color ramps behave incorrectly?

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Color ramps behave incorrectly?

Post by NateTG »

i am not exactly sure how they are SUPPOSED to behave, so I don't want to report this as a bug yet, but shouldn't the ramp be "below" all the texture channels? i.e. an image that is applied to a material with a ramp should not be covered by the ramp? this only seems to work if the ramp is set to use "result" as its input. any other ramp is applied OVER the other textures. can anyone confirm/deny this? is this how they are SUPPOSED to function?

thanks! sorry if this is the wrong forum for this.

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Post by sten »

I took a look at the release-log:

it says:
"Since texture calculations in Blender happen before shading, the Ramp shade can completely replace texture or material color. But by use of the mixing options and Alpha values it is well possible to create an additional layer of shading in Blender materials."
so I guess it comes on top of the textures...but can be altered in some ways...

I hope that gives you an answer...(and me too ;) )

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