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Grouping Suggestion

Post by spiderworm »

Hey all,

I'd like to suggest an improvement...

Objects should be allowed to be grouped together in a better way than parenting. It's annoying when I have to click and click to get to the root parent in a complicated hierarchy of objects, also when I want to move a bunch of non-parented objects together repeatedly but don't want to parent them...

Here's my vision of a grouping system:

1) select OB:A, OB:B, and OB:C, and a quick keyboard shortcut groups them (maybe CTRL-G?)

2) when I deselect the group and RMB over one of the objects in the group, all objects in the group are selected. Then all movements, rotations, etc can be applied to the group.

3) if I want to select just one of the objects in the group so I can move it or edit it independently, I just RMB over that object once the group has been selected, and just that object is selected

4) removing an object from a group is as easy as selecting the object and hit a keyboard shortcut (maybe ALT-G?)

5) of course, if there is parenting within the object, rotations and movements are only applied to root parents....

thanx for reading!


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Post by ideasman »

Sounds nice- Why not.

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Post by wavk »

I would go for a bit more than just a parent relationship. I would like to see grouping with groups as real ojects. So groups can be instanced, and if you add an object to a group, all instances get that object inside them too. That would be of great help, especially for architecture.

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