Playing with the new Hooks

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Playing with the new Hooks

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As I play with the new hooks features I am wondering if it would be possible for theses hooks to have controllers attached to them. For example maybe these controllers could have behaviors like roll x/y/z, scale x/y/z, move x/y/z, lock x/y/z etc. Then these behaviors could be activated at a certain frame of during an animation. Or maybe these behaviors could be activated by another "effector" hook that only exhibits the child hooks behavior as the parent is transformed.

A good example would be a simple car crumple effect. Three hooks with lock behaviors are placed at the front, middle and rear of a car. An "effector" hook is placed at a position of the surface of a wall object. As the car moves along a path towards the wall no change in the cars shape occurs until the car reaches the "effector" hook. As each of the cars behavior hooks meet the "effector" hook they stop locked at the point of impact.

I think that these behavior hooks could have preset transformation behavior features like "magnetic", "jiggle", "bounce", "melt", "drag", etc. wherein these transformation features are activated upon their contact with "effector" hooks during the course of keyframe animation. Armatures could also make use of such behaviors. Armature bones such as feet could make use of the "magnetic feature to lock feet to a floor surface during a walk cycle. Maybe these "effector" hooks could be positioned in an array along a curve path with some type of structured spacing for footsteps that setup the "effector" hooks at spaced groups that form 45 degree angles with the first hook step number "1" at "0" and the next hook step number "2" at position "45". This could be repeated along the footstep curve path. The "magnetic" behavior hooks could even be applied with some point to point feature that is attached to the array of target "effectors" footsteps. Two "magnetic" hooks could jump from point to point in an "offset" pattern along the path of the "effectors" footsteps. A "magnetic" behavior hook could be placed attached to each foot and maybe these hooks could be each assigned a name that corresponds to the numbers of the "effector" footstep hooks "1" or "2". The ipos could be adjusted for speed, etc. The goal of this is for the "magnetic" behavior hooks to drag all of the other IK rigged Armature animation along automatically. This could be a brut force method of getting your character animation, etc. up and running.

Maybe the "effector" hooks could be set to any number that a corresponding behavior hook could respond to. A drop down box could enable direct activation of a named behavior hook at a keyframe attached to a corresponding "effector" hook number. This could allow for even more control.

We could also have a feature for recording and saving new behavior hooks as keyframed animation ipos and add them to a list of hook behaviors.

It seems to me that these hooks can do a lot to change our current level of Blender features allowing us to have more control over the behavior of our objects in one way or another.

Dynamic properties could even be attached to these features.

This type of setup may even give Blender more attention in the other 3d software communities.

Blend on!

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