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joeri wrote:Na also, so schweer its das alles doch nicht?
Menschen verstehen mich auch falsch, das ist nur das internet.
Morgen wieder ein neues tag.
Hehe, right you are, Joeri :wink:.

I think that in an open source community like this one, it can be really annoying if you see loads of feature request that completely lack a sensibility for the use they would add to Blender.

It makes no sense to ask for every feature you saw in another application - remember that somebody has to code it and that is has to fit into Blender.

I'm not a coder and I respect them - I know how precious spare time is and therefore I would think about my feature request before posting it - and maybe show a current project in which this feature would be really useful.

However, I like weird ideas, but there has to be an awareness for their importance - that's my opinion.



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