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Re: No no no!

Post by z3r0_d »

celeriac wrote:No! Non-overlapping windows in Blender is one of its strongest features. Don't mess with it! Overlapping windows are a pointless waste of space and time - a hangover from when early interfaces tried, pointlessly, to simulate paper.
yes, the way photoshop has it's tools pallete is annoying

but why not allow blender to have more than one window?

here is what I am thinking of:
having multiple windows is optional, and the number can be increased and decreased after starting blender.

to have a setup with a 3d view on one display and the buttons windows on another you would use two blender windows [windows from the OS perspective, not the blender perspective], each on their own screen [a blender screen], and each maximized on their own physical display.

this would allow then that same .blend file to be opened and used on a single display system [so, the blend could also keep the current single display screens]

sound good?

certainly it could cause overlap, but it would allow both screens to be used effectively without working hard to get the seperator to line up correctly with the displays [particularly if the blend is used on multiple computers with different relative display sizes].

oh, and check out the 12 second mock-up: ... er_web.png
[no extra buttons are shown, but why not make the right button on the info header extended to include this?]

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Post by ZanQdo »

HEY, don't still my idea jus't because my english is so poor :evil:

Just kidding :wink:
this would allow then that same .blend file to be opened and used on a single display system [so, the blend could also keep the current single display screens]
Yes, that's it, like viewing different blender screens at the same time :)

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Post by Pablosbrain »

I could see seperate windows being usefull for dual screens... especially with the dual screens being different resolutions and such. Trying to stretch blender to cover two different screens doesn't always work the best.

It could definitely be usefull.
It would definitely have to be a user preference though.

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Post by justizin »

it sounds like a lot of you guys haven't used expose` on osx. I don't know why something similar hasn't been released for x11 or windows.

interfaces like photoshop / gimp which have multiple interfaces aren't so bad when you can tap f10 and tile all windows of the current application. i don't think of it as simulating paper so much as a simple box model, which is not the worst way of organizing things within a little box.

both transparent and tearaway sub-windows sound like great ideas to me. I like the double-maximized view above and might, sometimes, like to have the inaccessible mesh information underneath the button panel be visible, just for reference purposes. i'm also a big fan of translucency in the ui anywhere, use a translucent terminal all day, and have been working on ideas for a web browser with translucency. The idea is that some ambient stuff (scheduling, im, etc..) is going on behind these windows where i do most of my work, and sometimes i forget about what's going on because i'm stuck on a small display. translucency really takes my 12" diagonal rectangle a long way.

anyway.. howabout some other ideas? I really like the way that blender's button panels can easily slide away, but the GL-based windowing system within blender seems like it could be more responsive. has anyone considered a separate thread for handling ui events?

Howabout a full-screen mode where an array of button panels are available at the touch of a button as a full-screen translucent overlay? This way, whether you are working on one or two monitors, you can maximize the current viewport, possibly have some rendering results around, etc.. Flexibility is key. Rather than develop a featuer specifically for multi-monitors, or specifically for small screens, or wahtever, we should just make the ui as flexible and configurable to anyone's needs as possible.

I really dig all of the ideas about making render and button windows sticky in different ways, but I think this sort of stuff will have to be well-documented to keep from confusing people.



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