V2.35, noise terrain generation??

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V2.35, noise terrain generation??

Post by caperaven »

According to the user guide, to create terrain you could do the following.
1) Add Plane and subdevide (5 or so times)
2) Add material with greay scale texture (can use clouds)
3) Go to editmode and select all vertices
4) Click on noise button a few times

this does not work.

the displacement of the vertices does not match that of the texture.

What additional steps does one have to make.

Keeping this in mind, how up to date is the documentation?

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Post by joeri »

Hi caperaven,

what documentation are you talking about?
The books state to waht version they are written and the online documentation is a life document updated to each release.

The noise works fine in my 2.35, maybe you didn't cleared the rotation of the plane, or maybe the size of the object is not 1?

Try this:
1) Add Plane in topview and subdivide (5 or so times) (don't touch it)
2) Add material (can use clouds) and assign to Plane.
3) Go into editmode and select all vertices. (that's default, the verteces are yellow)
4) Click on noise button a few times. (or once and re-scale the verteces).

Does this work?

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Post by Pablosbrain »

You can also UV map the plane and use a grayscale image and use the displacement mapping to modify the plane. Granted then it is only visible rendertime.

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Post by caperaven »

ok, your comment about the clear rotation gave me a idea.
So this time I did not scale the plane and just subdevided it.
And it works perfect. So thanks very much for that.

Before I added the plan, scaled it, subdevided it ......
Did not think that the scaling would make a difference.
However the problem is solved and I am very very gratefull for all you people who make working with blender such a pleasure and for all your support to us noobs.

May you all be blessed to the ends of the earth.

Regarding the documentation, well I was refering to the user guide on this site, but turns out the documentation is correct and in future I will follow it to the letter, (with out scaling :wink: )

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