texture slot bug?

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texture slot bug?

Post by pinhead_66 »

As of 2.36 there are 10 texture slot instead of 8

When trying them out, I noticed I can put noise and clouds and all in, but when I want to disable them, so I can test preview, I can't (clicking on the checkmark does nothing)

i tried it with a few different materials and still nothing

you can remove the texture you put in the slot


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Post by gabio »

Putain j'y crois pas!
Damn. Just after the release.

I can second that bug, damn.
I submited it in, thanks.
p.s. Next time you can submit any bug you want yourself don't be scary. it's in the menu at you left ;) Bugtracker.

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Re: texture slot bug?

Post by aphex »


Nice catch! :shock:

I have a fix here, just waiting for the CVS unfreeze, and I'll commit ASAP.


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