displacing dupliverts

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displacing dupliverts

Post by brianglass »

I'm wondering if there is a way to cause a displacement map to displace dupliverted objects. I'd like to use a video texture to animate dupliverted objects. As far as I can tell there is no such feature.

Assuming there is no such feature, how difficult would it be to implement such a feature?

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Post by Monkeyboi »

I think there is a script that makes an object always follow a 'floor' object beneath it. You could animate an invisible grid plane with RVKs or armatures. Only, come to think of it, this probably won't work with dupliverted objects.

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Post by joeri »

As far as I know displacement is a render feature.
To move objects on a plane that has a displacement map blender would first need a "convert displacement map to poly every frame". And then a "constraint to face".
There is a "noise" button in edit mode that converts the luminance to height, so I guess all the code is there.

Letting the luminance of a pixel decide what height an object should have should not be hard for a python wizard.

Implementing a workflow for this in blender is another thing. I'd say you'd need a system where you could connect channels of one object to channels of another object.
Something like driven keys. But then with a pixel sampler. Maybe in 3.0 ?

This reply turned out very different from what I thought it would be, I'll press "submit" anyway.

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