feature request. Less confirmations

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feature request. Less confirmations

Post by joeri »

With the undo in place, workflow can be speed up with less confirmation pop-ups.
DelKEY / XKEY: remove object.
CTRL-AKEY: apply size/rotation
ALT-R: clear rotation
ALT-G: clear location
ALT-S: clear scale

The user will not get feedback on what he's/she's done, that is a downside.
Maybe this can be solved with a status line that prints the last command done.

Good or bad idea?

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Post by halibut »

Status line = good idea imo. It could be another window type? And as default could be along the bottom with no window header?

Eg, when in grab mode, it could say, "hold ctrl to drag in steps", and things to that effect.

I think the conformation on clearing transformations is good to be removed, but I would rather the delete confirmation remained. I need a click just to make sure it has really been deleted :)

Also: I think all of these confirmations should be optional. Eg, the extrude one too and others

For experianced users imo it would speed up work flow if they were all gone (needs to be a per popup option though)

- halibut

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Post by Bellorum »

Why not make it a user option to confirm actions? I'd personally get rid of the extrude confirm as well, but with the new extrude options (region/individual) It might be hard.
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Post by theeth »

Regarding per pop up setup, it could work by adding "Always" as a choice and record it when the user selects that choice (could put it in a drop menu somewhere, were you could remove it) and then always confirm automaticly in the future.

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Post by Eternl_Knight »

That's not a bad idea, Martin. Speeds up the workflow for those that want it - but leaves the "safe" functionality for those that would complain. I would be selecting "always" all the time, but that's just me :)

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