Unlink should be Alt-L

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Unlink should be Alt-L

Post by RipSting »

I had some objects sharing the same mesh data and wanted to select them all and unlink them. I would have thought that Alt-L would be unlink since:

Alt-G clears translation
Alt-R clears rotation
Alt-S clears sizing
Alt-T clears track-to
Alt-P clears parenting
Alt-H clears hidden

Instead I had to search for this functionality and found it to be U (AKA undo in edit mode). I know it's a hassle to change key assignments after it's been implimented for so long, so how about having both U and Alt-L unlink? I just think it should become standardized.

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Post by MNME »

makes sence to me, needs a popup tho, unlink to X new datablocks or all to the same new datablock

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