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Post by Xblender » Wed Oct 16, 2002 4:28 am

Hey wut up, My name's Alex and Ive been using Blender for about three years, Lately I've Been useing Blender For Special Effects in High school video's. I use it side by side with proffesional programs like Adobe Premiere, and Pinnacle. Ive worked to generate great things with blender from basic 3D letters to fully dynamic 3D characters. I think this could be taken a step farther, alot of people seem to know how to program and tweek programs like Blender, and mabey this site could have a section were those people could work with the original blender creators and design stand-alone plug-in programs that are like an extention of the blender platform.
If its posibol, useing a method close to Adobe After Effects you could have a folder in the root directory named "plug-ins" and have blender recognize plug-in files and add them to a menu in the blender interface when you start up.
Examples of Plug-ins could be:
  • Hair
  • Muscles
  • Advanced 3D font
  • Chroma KEy
But its just a thought :D

by the way here is a little of wut Iv'e done with blender for a project...
Thanx for looking.

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