why does the axis to move something towards you not work ?

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Delta wrote:i still dont see how this can work.

if measurement is relative to what we see, we cant gauge how far we are moving the object (unless you're in perspective mode)

even then, how will you be able to accurately distinguish if youve moved your object 0.5 blender units or 500 blender units?
Are you talking about what I explained or what Money_YaY wants? If you're talking about my things, just try one of the newer CVS builds, you'll see for yourself.
Money_YaY! wrote:For something like an armature it doea really matter to have this, since the arm will not go further than it can go but it is acward to have to align the arm twice in top and side view to just move a hand forward. Whe the front view would be perfect.
In either case, pointer motion representes 2 axis of motion, unless you can figure something that I can't, you'll have to do two transformations to represents motion on 3 axis.

I don't really understand your first sentence though, armatures have nothing at all to do with the "problem" at hand.

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