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Post by ·SIN· »

I spend alot of time trying to align vert's perfectly to level out
faces especialy with angled edges.Wouldn't it be nice to be able
to level out selected vert's & without messing up it's geometry,
by a push of a button.
Example shows the before & after of how it might look after the effect.
I was thinking the method might be done by selecting edges untill loop
-ed then Vlevel's out the verts within the selected edge's.But I have no
Idea if this method is possible, or if it can be done at all with blender.

What do you think?
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Post by Delta »

(those dots are REALLY annoying)

you can already do this

select the faces that you want to "level"

place the cursor along the plane that you want to align the vertices to

make the cursor the center for scaling

scale in the x/y/z direction, which ever works by pressin [s]->[x]or[y]or[z]


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Post by ·SIN· »

Maybe you don't understand.I know about scaling along global & local axis with s then z,x,y or s zz,xx,yy.When scaling, your model's geometry will change then you'll have to reposition it, this is close to imposible for angled edges even when cursor pivot position is were it should be, it will mess up the geometry of edges and verts within.What im saying is it would be nice to select edges then Vlevel moves all verts within to selected edge/face level without scaling and moving outer edges.Try what you said on an angled edge and try to keep the geometry of the angle ...

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Post by mzungu »

Will it be possible to scale along a particular face's normal with the transform rewrite that's currently being undertaken? Or perhaps even the "average" normal of a set of faces? This might allow the use of the technique suggested by Delta on "odd angled" faces... ?

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Post by reD_Fox »

My script page:
http://members.isp.com/gschooley@isp.co ... ython.html
The script file:
http://members.isp.com/gschooley@isp.co ... proj_02.py

Sorry to self advertise, but I created this script for nearly the exact thing you're wanting to do. It's a little bit cumbersome to use, but it's currently the only way that I know of to project onto an arbitrary plane in an arbitrary direction. Klopes also has a very nice plane projection script found in the Blender scripts menu (it's a part of the "klopes utils" script under "wizards").

Just select three verts from the "outside" of the model in the picture you posted, seperate them to a new object and make them a face, and then run either mine or Klopes script. Either one may take a little bit of playing around to get used to.

Hope this helps!

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