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Post by joeri »

I'd like to add something.
Blender was born at fullscreen, acting (still does) like an OS.
Other OS windows (wth are they called windows anyway?) have/had little icons to identify what program you are running and working with at the moment (just look at that little foxy top left) even when you press the fullscreen icon. Blender(OS) has it's icon in the middle. No ad, just to show it's blender (not another inhouse fullscreen app) that's running, with it's own version color and number.

In this day and age nothing is holy regarding old blender habits,
so I see no reason why not to remove the icon:
Splashes don't need to re-appear (don't read my rant on how the splash appears after it has loaded all of blender and that's not always in .5 sec.)
And build versions are perfectly found in a 'about' under 'help'.

But I also see no reason why it should be removed;
there are far more annoying parts in blender, and if it gets in the way then there are lot's of options: buy a better gfx card, fold down the silly [file][Add][Time].. etc nonsens.

Let's keep it the way it is... And put the Ve:8 | Fa:6 | Ob:3-1 Mem:8901M Time: | Camera1 in a more sensable spot :)

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Post by pinhead_66 »

this request bothered me for several reasons

(in no particular order)

-he joint the 12 march
-it was his first post
-if he browsed and hewould have understood blender has lots of more important areas that needs work then a little icon that as of yet nobody has bothered
-the request came after several people mentioned the luxirosity thing (losing the icon would make tracing things like maybe less obvious)

its just one litlle icon, you can remove the infobar if you wish and its gone. why be picky about stuff like that when there's more important stuff to do.

I bet more then 80% didn't even notice it untill he mentioned it, and now everybody's staring at it (mind you, it is nice and cute :wink: )

anyway, my 2 cents

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Post by jellywerker »

blender os, I like that! maybe make a small media distro (linux, of course) and have all the things need for working with blender on it, like the gimp and cinellerra etc..., and firefox, for webbrowsing, and then make the blender logo it's logo, and give it a cool title like "Blender Linux". Also, is this the guy from "luxuriousity"?

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