reconditioning/reconstruction of blender-files

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reconditioning/reconstruction of blender-files

Post by bertram »

Problem description:
I've got a problem with a large blender project file. It has been saved over for more than 1.000 times up to now.
During this process, there evidently occured data corruption which I cannot track down to a certain version of the file. The corruption causes blender crashes when entering editmode with some objects and also when rendering of some scenes on some machines.
It scares me quite a lot when thinking of that the file could 'degenerate' further within the next 250 cycles of saving it over and over again.
Some day I might realize, that I have to go back to a rather old version of the file to be able to use it again...

My question to the developers is:
Is the integrity of the data within a blender-file checked during each process of opening/saving a file?
Is there a way of cleaning up blenderfiles from all kind of garbage and identify/correct corrupt/damaged data?
I'm thinking of something like copying/pasting every object from the n'th-generation file to a completely new one. In some apps this would be the common workaround for 'repairing' damaged files...

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Post by Caronte »

You can import the whole scene (Shift F1) and save a new .blend
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