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Append preview

Post by Saluk »

As it is now, if you are appending a lot of objects, or if you just need that one object you made in that one blend 5 years ago, you have to open the files in blender first and see what the objects are called, and if they are badly named rename them. Then you go to your new file and go to append them, and you have to remember what everything was called that you just scoped out!

Wouldn't it be, like, totally awesome, if there was a mesh preview in the append menu, similar to the preview for textures on loading? Maybe to keep it simple, it would just be a little preview window on the right side that would only for the currently selected object. Probably a pretty difficult feature to implement, but it would go a long way to make object libraries more feasable.

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Post by joeri »

Yes it would be cool.
The previewer could also be used to show an applied material, instead of the ball or cube use the actual object.

On the other hand, creating a library with objects called plane.012 etc. does not sound like a good idea to me.

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Post by pinhead_66 »

it is good practice to name every object you create, but though I do my best, I do not always succeed in doing so... maybe I should try harder :wink:

What I mean to so, just because it is the smart thing to do doesn't mean everybody does it....


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