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front view,

Post by steamiya »

Hi people,
I started today with Blender and I'm already a fan :D ..
I was using a tutorial of creating a simple person (just with squares and a head like a circle).
but that's not the point.
I was turning around with the rotating stuff but I wanted to return to the beginning screen, that it looks 2d.
like here : ... _Step2.png
and not like this: ... ection.png

I thought the button was num1 but that's not the one, I know it's just simple question but I couldn't find it anywhere..

Thanks a lot for your attention,


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Post by Arathorn »

Numpad 1, 3 and 7 for front, side and top view respectivly. Use Ctrl + 1, 3 or 7 for the other side.
However, user questions are better asked in the forum at Elysiun (users forums in the menu on the left.)

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Post by joeri »

On a pc you might need to turn on NumLock.

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