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AutoCad Import

Post by ysoonh »

POssible to import Cad Drawing into blender?

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Post by levon »

all of blenders importers and exporters are writen in python, and some of them were writen by people who dont know C, and havent coded in blenders internal code. if you have the api of the format you want to use, and want to learn python you could probably make an importer your self. just check out all the other import scripts in the blender\.blender\scripts folder for examples of other ones.

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Post by GreyBeard »

Export a dxf from autocad and import the dxf. You may have to adjust the scale and have some cleaning up to do (removing double verts etc.)


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Post by ideasman »

Blenders DXF importer has recently been updated- bf-comiters.

- Martin DeMello <>

Here's a patch to the dxf importer to deal completely with polylines
with straight and curved segments.


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Post by stargeizer »

I will talk in Autocad terms here.

If you want to import a cad drawing without solids, you will have to prepare it for export to blender.

First you have to scale the drawing to have a size total of -15,-15,-15 to +15,+15,+15 . otherwise blender can import it... but you won't be able to "fully see it" in blender.

Now the tricky part:

- If your drawing "don't have solids" (regions, solids, bodies, don't confuse them with "3d meshes" with aren't solid in AutoCAD) you can export the CAD Drawing to DXF (if you're using Autocad 2004 or latter, you can just save as DXF format, using the "saveas" command, older versions have to use the "dxfout" command), and import it to blender.

- But if your drawing contain solids, blender can't recognize them (The solids data in autocad are propietary, and is encrypted to prevent use from other software without the neccesary licence code), so you have to export it in 3ds format. (using the "3dsout" command). Note that you have to get the import script for 3ds and copy in the /.blender/scripts folder before you can use it) (scripts are in this page: )

Note for the last option that if the drawing contains many Solids you will have to asign a unique layer/color for each solid to be able to edit them in blender. And note also that in the conversion process some data will be lost and/or results may vary from the original drawing in cad. That's product of the conversion to 3ds made in autocad.


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