Suggestions on improving EditMode

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Suggestions on improving EditMode

Post by Descender »

Hello to all Blender users :D

I think it'd be great if EditMode was extended in the following ways:

1) Ability to hide self occluded vertices. This way you can easily select a set of vertices by painting the circle tool on the surface you're looking at, or select everything you can see with 'A'. This is very useful for assigning material indices.

2) Ability to hide and reveal 'step by step'. Currently, reveal will unhide all hidden vertices. It would be nice if it would only reveal what was undisplayed in the last hide action.

I'll be looking into the code and do this myself but I've only got the CVS source last night and it'd some time to familiarise. In the meantime, is anyone working on something similar? Or does anyone have a better way to do what I mentioned?


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Post by rwenzlaff »


Number 2 might not be that hard to impliment since the hidden flag is stored in a SHORT, but currently uses only 1 bit. Could have upto 32k levels of hide. (Need to reserve bit 0 for compatability, ie bit 0 = ANYHIDDEN, bits[7..1] = HIDELEVEL )


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Post by ideasman »

Can't say these are pressing issues for me, but would be nice all the same.

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Post by meestaplu »

A hide/reveal stack would be amazing...I would use that all the time.

As for hiding self-occluded vertices:
That feature would be amazing as well, but here's a quick note to whoever is working on it: Please do it right. It's implemented wrong very often, and it is rather annoying to use such an excuse for a tool.

OK, I'm done ranting about that pet peeve.

This tool is often implemented by checking face normals. That simply doesn't work! Take a sphere and a donut, for example. The face normals "normally" point out on a sphere, so occluded vertices are associated with faces whose normals point away from the viewport. Thus, the half-baked tool works in this case. For a donut, though, many occluded vertices are associated with faces whose normals point toward the viewport. The half-baked tool fails miserably in this case. The tool also fails on a sphere (or anything else) with incorrect vertex ordering.

The correct implementation (just like a good scanline renderer) involves a z-buffer. This correctly keeps ALL occluded vertices from being selected. It might be slower than checking face normals, but it always works.

Just my two cents.

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Post by Etna »

an edge tool, maybe? :)

it'd be cool to work with edge, selection, spliting/cutting, chamfer ... ok it isn't really in Blender's philosophy but it's important.

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Post by strubi »

Hi EditMode-Coders,

I've put up a 'hacked' Blender 2.26 at

which demonstrates some different EditMode concept with full Undo/Redo stack.
I haven't tested that release thoroughly though, since I'm normally working under Linux.
Some functionality is still missing. I'm working with it for a longer time now though, so I expect all unstabilities can be blamed to 'sexy' Windows DLL issues.

Have fun,

- strubi

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Post by Etna »

Let's go!!

It's disappointing, a windooh version! :p

it's aberrant that there isn't this function "undo". Okay, Blender is another phylosophy but it's nevertheless fundamental.

Well, i hope these new features will be in the next release!

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Post by renderedbrian »

Well, I have added a little feature on Tuhopuu, where in face select mode selected faces turn red, except in realtime texture mode when selected faces are outlined as normal. It is available as a patch: ... 1&atid=135

by all means download and apply the patch and try it out!

As to backface culling vertices, it probably is easy enough to do, I still have to find myself around the blender source.

I'll have a look in drawmesh.c and see what I can find!



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