Blender can make 2d animation if....

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Blender can make 2d animation if....

Post by Prenudos » Fri May 27, 2005 4:36 pm

I've walked a long path on my animation research on
linux, I’ve tried out jahshaca, dogwaflle, cinepaint,
gimp, k-toon, and a hundred more softwares. What I
discovered till now is that blender is the best
solution for the animator. But, for Blender to become
a better solution for anybody who's trying to animate
(no matter how), here are some tools that would be of
extreme help.

1 - Sequence for Material:

When applied to a solid (plane, or cube) I can't
freely deal with image sequences and edit isolated
frames. In animation, assets such as "hold" and "loop"
are fundamental, the texture manager tries so, but
only work at the initial and final frames of the
sequence; it needs to be done more freely. The
suggestion is to have one more option among texture
types, the "image sequence” that would work with the
interface of "sequence" applied in a way that allows
the user to edit the order of the images on the solid.
In animation there's a huge amount of work related to
recycling frames, an option like that would spare
time, render and headache. For this to work out it's
important that this function recognizes the alpha of
the images.

2 - Automatic alpha for PNG:

When organizing an image sequence over a background
using "sequence" we've got to attach the images at a
"meta-strip" and apply an alpha over effect, or alpha
under in order to see transparency working, if we
could pile up an image sequence and have an automatic
recognizing of the alpha, everything would be easier,
and the projects would be far more organized and

3 - Better 3d View Preview

I've talked about that earlier. 3d Max’s preview, for
the kind of work that we do is enough. If you could,
check the 3d Max’s "smooth+highlights", it isn't a big
deal, but solves a whole lot of problems! It
recognizes alpha and it's a way of making scene
editing extra-friendly.

4 - Sequence's timeline organized in editable frames.

Check it out Macromedia Flash. Increasing time of a
single frame with F5, removing frames with Shift+F5,
adding empty areas with F7 and scrolling through
frames with < or >. That's not essential, but makes a
lot easier to deal with them if we could have
shortcuts for editing isolated frames. The interface
would have to be adapted, of course.

That's all! With the first three tools presented here,
Blender would be a powerful software for animation,
with all four, would become THE software. If this
information could be passed on to a programmer a huge
step on animation would be achieved. Animated cartoon
will never be the same again!

Daniel (prenudos) Lima
Animated cartoon teacher and art bachelor.

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Post by levon » Sat May 28, 2005 4:14 am

hey, some of your ideas are quite cool, i had thought of something like 1 before. if you have ever used after effects, the way you can have a material(image video etc) on the timeline, and move the in and out points, and position is realy cool. the problem is blender is not aimed at realy specific tasks. alot of people post feature requests assuming they will get put in (im not saying that your that kind of person) but the fact is that alot of features are hard to code and/or take a long time to code, and the coders do not work on blender full time, they have other stuff they have to do...

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Post by bmud » Sat Sep 10, 2005 7:36 am

I think this is a legitimate, well-thought, and reasonable request. It's a large request because it's got four parts, but they're all very reasonable. If some of the "globalness" of blender was siphoned into these ideas which sort of build off of other programs, the features presented here would be very powerful and would allow a lot of different things.

At least you know you're in the right spot to make some noise if you don't get a very good response from others. Remember that there is IRC too. I'm in full support of the sequencer update to work a bit more like flash.

As for the preview render, I have to agree. Something other than the 100/75/50/25 % button panel might be nice especially when caustics take just as much time to calculate. But remember that even the new version of 3dsmax doesn't include the preview render option anymore! (I have no idea WHY... I loved it) So perhaps we're moving further towards powerful graphics cards that can just show you a preview in real time -- eliminating the need in the very near future! Check out the new nVidia card for crying out loud.... real time radiosity, reflections, hdri bloom, blah blah blah...

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Your idea is what I want too!!!

Post by harrisonyu » Tue Sep 13, 2005 6:18 am

Your idea is what I want too!!!
I try to use texture for emotion,but I failed...
And the current movie texture are not update in viewport when frame change.
I think use an IPO to control frame would be a good idea too.
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Post by joeri » Tue Sep 13, 2005 9:05 am

Thoose are good ideas.

1. I think that there is no reason not to use a seq output as a texture.

2. I agree, or some setting while importing frames. (alpha, premul, ignore)

3. ?

4. I'm not to fond about flash as an animation tool. But insert frame/ delete (collapse) frame are good extensions that make sense on single image editing (no seq of image editing).

5. I'd say that scaling / positioning would be the next thing you'd need.

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