[Feature Request] Configurable Major Grid Lines

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[Feature Request] Configurable Major Grid Lines

Post by phobos »

Configurable Major Grid Lines

Summary: Provide a simple control to adjust the major grid demarcation instead of having a fixed major grid line every 10 (ten) units.

Currently you cannot configure major grid lines under View > Properties. I propose to change this by means of a configurable major/minor grid line through minor changes to the View Properties dialog. Often one may wish to quickly visually identify every "n" units, but a multiple of 10 (clearly a metric in origin) is not always optimal.

This change allows for combinations such as 16:1, 100:25.4, 9:12, 4:0.25, etc. Essentially a simple visual scale.

For example: Blender is increasingly being used for game development. Meshes and characters and even portions of levels are built, but they are often constructed using multiples of 8 (eight) or powers of 2 (two) -- such as a bounding box for a character of 256 units, a terrain segmented every 32 units, etc. Game map editors often follow this grid scheme of a major line every 8 minor lines (which could be every 1-1024 units, etc).

Fulfilling this request may also help to solve another problem -- unit systems. Often new Blender users may ask how to construct geometry in inches, or some other unit system and do not understand how to convert or otherwise negate the need for a specific unit system. Configurable major and minor lines would allow a rudimentary visual unit system. For working in feet, every 12 units is a major line and spacing is set to 1. This might also be referred to in the documentation or FAQ.



http://webpages.charter.net/phobos/blen ... config.png

This mockup image shows a modified View dialog. For consistency "Spacing" might be labeled "Minor", "Major" of course refers to the new feature, and "Extents" more accurately describes grid limits in a Perspective or Axonometric view. These minor alterations also help keep Blender terminology and nomenclature more consistent with well recognized and 'de facto' standard 3d animation and CAD applications.

P.S. - I was unable to access the feature request portion of the Blender Projects tracker, so I posted here first. If any developers are interested I would greatly appreciate feedback. Thanks.

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Post by SamAdam »

# bump, its a good idea, prob easy to do, too #

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Post by pinhead_66 »


I second the idea

Maybe add the possibility of naming, saving and loading this grid configuration per scene/blend/etc .....

Heck, have a few presets from the start wich you can rename to whatever takes your fancy


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Post by Pierre-Luc_Auclair »

While we're at it why not a user grid ? It's a grid you can rotate and the axis go along with it.

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Configurable Major Grid Lines

Post by zmj100 »

Very good idea !!! The ability to configure grid lines would be a huge
improvement. Please reply!!! :D

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