Small workflow request

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Small workflow request

Post by kitsu »

Short Summary:
Ctrl-LMB should work for all modes (vert, edge, face) and for multipule selections. Default behavior for multiple selection should be extrude region (or edges where appropriate).

I realize the focus of Blender development is moving from modelling to animation, but I would like to make one more suggestion on the modelling side. Currently extruding is very tedious: you press 'e' and you are asked about what/how/if you want to extrude, click your choice, move, click to accept, repeat. When using verts the workflow is vastly improved though, just Ctrl-LMB to extrude the currently selected vert. So why can't you do the same thing for edges and faces? For multipule selections extrude region should be default. I admit this wouldn't save a tremendious amount of time but it does save at least one step...

P.S. I just discovered you are not asked questions when only one entity is selected. This is good but I still think Ctrl-LMB would be fastest.

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