Subsurf Optimal, smoothing or straightening loops

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Subsurf Optimal, smoothing or straightening loops

Post by kellymandrake »

The problem I am haveing is while working with subsurf on and optimal on, moveing individual verticies. Sometimes I get a situation like below where i have a curve or loop that I want to straighten out, mostly this hapened a few times and by moveing the sorounding verts I was able to corect the probglem, but in this particular case it seems I cannot straighten it out nomater what I try.

For this I need a solution, the problem area circled.


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Post by fligh »

How many Fgons do you have in there?


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Post by tommy »

Sometimes it's necessary to toggle out of subsurf mode and see what the low-res cage actually looks like. This is what I do whenever I get something like that, especially when working in optimal mode. It can sometimes create a completely false image of what the mesh topology looks like.

Edit: One thing I also noticed about your mesh is that it's not one, but two objects, one of which is mirrored. It's normal for non-manifold vertices to be slightly off when subsurfed.

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