Texture image preview.

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Texture image preview.

Post by haramrapsultana »

When selecting textures (or other images files) a show a peview (like gimp). (in uv editor view)
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Post by Caronte »

Keep CTRL pressed before click on [load image].
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Post by stiv »

Blender used to do this by default, but it was buggy under WinDos, so it was made an option via as Caronte points out.

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Post by yeonil »

To avoid crashing and slow loading of folders with many items maybe CTRL-click on an item retrieves its picture?

This way when you are looking for something but you are uncertain, you can check how it looks before loading, without waiting for every single image loads in the directory. If you still want to see all, ctrl-click at the load button just like before. If you don't want to see images at all, just don't use ctrl on load and on the item.
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