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Sky Generator

Post by poutsa »

Feature Request:Sky Generator for Blenders World Buttons!!

You can make in Blenders World Buttons Mist,Ambient Lights,Stars,Horizont,Zenith,Angular Maps....!

Why not also a Sky Generator with some Presets! If possible!?

C4D R 9.5 comes with a new Sky Generator!

Infos here: ... _sky_d.htm ... res_d.html#

You can also Download the Demo Version C4d R 9.5 from here to see how Sky Generator works: ... emo_d.html
To use Go to Plug Ins Menue and choose Sky Generator!

I know you can make Skys-Clouds in Blender and also Animated.....!
I make also some Tests to Generate Skys in Blender...... you can found this Test Blend files here:

Bud what do you think about to have this Feature Sky Generator in Blenders World Buttons?

Is this Usefull?

Can this be done(develop..) in Blender?

Vassilios Boucer

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Post by levon »

i think its a litle out of the scope of blender. you can get a fair few external sky generators that will save as a jpgs png etc. which would work better, as they are more developed at this stage

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