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RGB values for emit ( feature suggestion )

Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 11:36 pm
by modron
a couple of days ago i downloaded a copy of anim8or because i had to do some testing on a convertor in it's native format. ( vertex something or other ) but anyway as i was fumbling around with the UI i noticed that for the emit settings, they combine an RGB value with the emit value, like yellowish for a warm glow, so, if the object started as green, it would combine with the yellow color as the emit value went up. it was a pretty good effect i thought. couldn't be that hard to implement,...could it? ( being code ignorant, i really have no idea how hard it would be ). i can put up a screenshot if anyone finds the idea intriguing enough to pursue. or you can just download a copy of anim8or which is free. anyway, i'm not pitching anim8or here or anything, i just liked the way it treats emit values.